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        The saga continues. :) I know have a working htdig installation on my
site, thanks much to all concerned for the help. Now we're in the phase
where the boss looks at it and says, "Hey, if you can do all of that,
can you also do this other thing that would be really cool?"

        So the other thing is like this... when people visit our main site they
are assigned a tracking number that is tacked on to their URL as a GET
query string. So what I probably need to be able to do is write a script
(most likely in perl) to pass my query string as a variable, to htsearch
in the htsearch query string, then write a script that parses htsearch's
results and rewrites the URL's that come from the index so that the
tracking number that the user came in with gets appended to each URL.
Alternatively, I suppose I could do this in the htsearch code, but my
perl is better than my c++, and in my initial examination of the
htsearch code the spot where the URL it retrieves is spit out to the
browswer didn't leap out at me.

        The EWS script in the contrib directory looks like it can easily be
adapted to be my front end, has anyone done work on a script that parses
the results from htsearch before they are sent to the browser? My search
of the archives didn't reveal anything along this line, so any help
would be greatly appreciated. Alternatively, if someone could point me
to the right location in the htsearch code where I could rewrite the
URL's in place right before they go to the browser I'd be very grateful.



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