htdig: Error running rundig

Ivo Jansch (
Mon, 18 Jan 1999 10:42:57 +0100


I installed the htdig source and compiled it.
Works fine.

I use the default config, but instead of the htdig site I entered my own
site as start_url.

I get this output from rundig:

[root@dvswww3 bin]# ./rundig
htdig: Run complete
htdig: 1 server seen:
htdig: ivo.localdomain:80 1 document
htmerge: Unable to open word list file '/usr/local/htdig/db/db.wordlist'

When I do a locate on db.wordlist I get the following:

I think part of the problem is that the website it tries to index is
password protected. The 1 document it sees must be the 'access denied'
document. If I change start_url from http://ivo.localdomain to
http://username:password@ivo.localdomain htdig informs me that it found
0 documents on 'username' (it does not connect to ivo.localdomain with
the specified username and password).

How can I solve this problem? (where can I enter a username and password
for htdig to use?)

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