htdig: Crawling one URL and recording it as another

denis filipetti (
Thu, 14 Jan 1999 19:42:04 -0500

Hi Folks,

        We have a system that allows our users to annotate pages. A user only sees
their own annotations. This is facilitated by requiring each user to login
to our web server. So, many users can look at the exact same URL and see a
slightly different page. We plan to index annotations on a per user basis
(the common page body would be in another index). We thought we might do
this by slightly modifying the URL so that the page content generator would
display only the annotations for a certain user. For example, a normal URL
might be ...?pageId=23, but when we want to index page 23 for user joe we
would have htdig index ...?user=joe&pageId=23. This is fine except that now
we have indexed a URL that shouldn't be used, we really want the search hit
to show ...?pageId=23. There seems to have been a recent discussion on a
similar topic, but Jan '99 mail contents are not on the htdig server yet.
Can anybody suggest a solution ?

Many thanks,

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