htdig: template_map syntax

Mathieu Bezkorowajny (
Thu, 14 Jan 1999 18:51:20 +0000

I've tried to configure the templates for the result format
in order to customize the look of it.

As specified in the documentation I put something like

template_map: normal normal ${comon_dir}/normal.html

normal.html is something like:
<strong><font size=5>
<a href="$(URL)">$(TITLE)</a></font></strong>$(STARS)
    <i><a href="$(URL)">$(URL)</a></i>
(borrowed from the source)

an I put : <input type=hidden name=format value=normal>
 in the search form.

When I try to do a search in CGI it gives me this nifty
"Internal Server Error" and when I try it from the shell
it gives a cool core dump.

How should it be done?

Have a nice day.
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