htdig: erased dbs, now can't put them back

Dudley, Jane (
Thu, 14 Jan 1999 12:30:40 -0500

Hello, all.

I am running RedHat Linux 5.1. I got the htdig-3.1.0b4-0glibc rpm and
installed it. I got htdig working, searching across one machine. Great
results! I then edited the configuration file to ask it to index the web
sites on three different machines, but I had forgotten to point it to
large-enough temp dirs. Okay, my bad. I killed that job, edited the rundig
file, edited the htdig.conf file to point to more roomy directories, and
THEN had the bright idea to remove the db.docdb, db.wordlist, and
db.words.db files - all of those in that db directory. Well, I had to get
my disk space back... So I go to run rundig again, and I get:

        DB2 problem...: /usr/htlib/htdig/db/db.docdb: No such file or
        htdig: Unable to open/create document database

        htmerge: Unable to create temporary word file

        DB2 problem...: /usr/htlib/htdig/db/db.docdb: No such file or
        htfuzzy: Unable to read word database file
        Did you run htmerge?

The rundig file is causing htdig to run with the -i option, which from the
documentation should build new databases (okay) ... "This is accomplished by
first erasing the databases." Uh-oh.

I tried to uninstall and reinstall the rpm, but the rpm does not include
those databases. So I can't build databases unless I have databases?

So how can I rebuild the dbs?
Thanks for your help.

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