htdig: probs searching 8bitchrs in pdf on HPUX

Tilman Kastner (
Wed, 13 Jan 1999 16:55:19 +0100

Hello to all!

We have some problems to set up a running htdig configuration
on a HP 9000 running 10.10
We are using 3.1.0b2 + acroread 3.02 for HPUX

Compiling and general setup were fine, setting the locale
in httpd.conf, rundig und htdig.conf to de_DE.iso8891
(spelling as stated in 'man locale' on the machine and
setting all the LC_something, LANG and also htdig's locale stuff)
allowed us to parse html and pdf documents with german 'umlauts'

Here's the problem:

Searching a string containing an 8bit 'umlaut' does work, but
matches only html documents. Searching a string without them
matches pdf-documents also, but (and that is what I don't understand)
in the corresponding text output around the highlighted match string in
the pdf the umlauts appear correctly!

We set up an development version of the configuration on a
intel based SuSE linux installation where everything works

Any suggestions?


Tilman Kastner                 DEVICE/N GmbH             Karlsruher Strasse 4
PGP:      30880 Laatzen, Germany

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