Re: htdig: the problem appeared after i unsubscribed ;)

Andrew Scherpbier (
Tue, 12 Jan 1999 17:10:11 -0800

"George A. Michalopoulos" wrote:
> For more than a year i was a silent member of this list, when i
> unsubscribed, i got a problem with htdig ;))

The system *knows*. Don't attempt to outsmart the system. :-)

> it cant index a www site (
> it indexes the first page and nothing more..
> any suggestions ?

That site is one of those "cool" sites that prevent search engines from
indexing it by doing some real "cool" javascript. How come they don't teach
you that in javascript class? :-)
Here's its front page:

     if (navigator.appVersion.indexOf('4') != -1) {
     window.location = 'index4.html';
             window.location = "index2.html";

<BODY bgcolor="#FFFFFF" text="White" link="Red" vlink="Red">

So you can probably index instead.

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