htdig: Weird characters from title showing up in excerpt...

Matt Walker (
Mon, 11 Jan 1999 16:35:29 -0800

Hello... I'm having a problem where when a title contains certain
characters, these characters show up at the beginning of the excerpt.

For example, here is the title of a problem page:

   FinAid | Loans | Private Loan Lenders (Graduate)

The excerpt from this page begins as follows:
     | | () Additional Lenders Who Offer Private Loans to ...

It apears that the characters |, (, & ) are placed in the excerpt
when indexing. I've tried adding these characters to
valid_punctuation but to no avail. Is there a way to instruct
htdig to not put any text from the title into the excerpt
or to exclude specific characters from titles?

Unfortunately, the site I'm having problems with is on a
staging server and not accessable from the outside world...

Thanks in advance!

  -- Matt

  Matt Walker /

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