Re: htdig: Skipping parts of a document

Andrew Scherpbier (
Tue, 12 Jan 1999 07:29:12 -0800

Marjolein Katsma wrote:
> Sometimes it's useful not to index parts of a document. Some examples:
> - When using anchors in the search results to jump to the appropriate part
> in the text (see a previous contribution), jumping to a top-of-page menu is
> hardly relevant;
> - Code (maybe produced by an external server) that changes faster than the
> indexing cycle, for instance daily news headlines

I had added the fake tag pair <noindex></noindex> to the original ht://Dig for
this reason (back when it was still called htdig). Anything in between those
tags will be skipped for indexing.

> - Deleted text (<DEL></DEL> HTML 4.0)

Didn't even know about that one!

> This patch allows placing start and end markers in the text so that
> anything in-between will not be indexed; but existing tags can also be used
> (for instance <DEL> and </DEL> in my last example!). Default markers are
> <!--htdig_noindex--> and <!--/htdig_noindex-->. Corresponding config
> parameters are noindex_start and noindex_end.

I like it better than the <noindex></noindex> tags. Good idea!

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Contigo Software <>
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