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Alexander Bergolth (
Mon, 11 Jan 1999 20:18:42 +0100


At 18:41 11.01.99 , Andrew Scherpbier wrote:
>"Christopher T. Lansdown" wrote:
>> Is it possible to select search algorythms onthe fly? That is,
>> could I have a drop down menu, or something like that in my search form
>> where the user selects what algroythm he wants? Thanks.
> [...]
>Neither of these are easy to do (hence the "no" part)
>Maybe there should be an easy way to create a list of algorithms you can pick
>from. Someone should add that to the list of requested features... (Geoff?

I haven't tested it, but maybe the allow_in_form configuration directive I
added a few weeks ago will do what you want.

If you specify
allow_in_form: search_algorithm
in the configuration file,
and add something like
<SELECT NAME="search_algorithm">
<OPTION VALUE="exact:1 prefix:0.6 synonyms:0.5 endings:0.1" SELECTED>default
<OPTION VALUE="exact:1">exact
<OPTION VALUE="endings:1">endings
to the search form, you should be able to override the settings in the
config file.

(It's in the current CVS tree.)

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