Re: htdig: Selecting Search Algorythms on the fly

Andrew Scherpbier (
Mon, 11 Jan 1999 09:41:36 -0800

"Christopher T. Lansdown" wrote:
> Hello,
> Is it possible to select search algorythms onthe fly? That is,
> could I have a drop down menu, or something like that in my search form
> where the user selects what algroythm he wants? Thanks.
> -Chris

Yes and no... (Don't you hate answers like that...)
You can prefix words by their algorithm and weight. Something like
"exact:0.1:computer prefix:0.6:computer" would give exact matches to
"computer" a weight of 0.1 and prefix matches to "computer" a weight of 0.6.
This is not the easiest thing to use for your average user... :-)

You can also create a pulldown that will select different config files which
list different algorithms and weights.

Neither of these are easy to do (hence the "no" part)
Maybe there should be an easy way to create a list of algorithms you can pick
from. Someone should add that to the list of requested features... (Geoff?

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