htdig: Indexing PDFs using 'xpdf' instead of Acroread

Rick Wiggins (
Mon, 11 Jan 1999 10:35:52 -0500


I tried using Acroread on my FreeBSD system (using Linux compatibility mode
since Acroread isn't available for FreeBSD), but wasn't having any luck. I
found the 'xpdf' program available at which
comes with a 'pdftops' utility program. To use this program, I had to
modify 'htdig' so that it wouldn't include the '-toPostScript' command
option and would completely specify the output filename, like this:

# diff
< acroread << " -toPostScript " << pdfName << " " << tmpdir << " 2>&1";

>     acroread << " " << pdfName << " " << psName << " 2>&1";

Perhaps future versions of 'htdig' can generalize the 'pdf_parser' attribute such that this modification would not be necessary when using programs other than Acroread. Just a thought...


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