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At 17:29 1999-01-08 -0600, you wrote:
>According to Marjolein Katsma:
>> However, ht://Dig is used in other language environments than just English.
>> Being able to do *compile time* configuration (without having to dig into
>> the code to find just where and how this error screen is coded) for such an
>> error screen so it could at least speak the end-user's language would be
>> *very* useful.
>My point was that on a properly set up system, the end-user should never
>see that error message - the most rudimentary testing by the person setting
>up ht://Dig should flush out any of these error conditions.

*Should*. At set-up time. I competely agree.

But not everyone has full control over all files or directories on a system
where it's set up. At the LAN at the office where I work, I do see files
simply disappear. LAN administrators write scripts - and they are only
human and get things wrong at times. Yes, there are backups - but meanwhile...
I can very well imagine someone setting up a ht://Dig system quite
correctly, only to have some files or directories removed (by accident, of
course) by an ignorant system administrator... On our LAN, I can't even
control access rights to directories I create myself; while the
administrator has *every* right. (Not that I even could install ht://Dig
there, but that's not the point here.) Not having full control over your
own files means the possibility of confronting your end-users with an error
message they may not be able to read, even if you can and you properly
tested your installation.

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