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Sat, 09 Jan 1999 00:09:18 +0100

Geoff, and Gilles,

At 17:36 1999-01-08 -0500, Geoff Hutchison wrote:
>>Actually, I think the error screen should be configurable as a template,
>>like all (?) the other HTML output. It's totally internal now.
>>Of course, there could be a default, and yes, the text for that default
>>could be a bit clearer... ;-)
>Actually, it's a bit of a moot point. This error comes up when people don't
>specify a config file in the HTML form. The CGI takes the blank, puts the
>directory on the front and ".conf" on the end and looks for that file.

Actually, I don't quite agree here.

Yes, I do agree that if the program doesn't find the configuration file it
can 't use the configuration file to find a template. Run-time
configuration would not be an option.

However, ht://Dig is used in other language environments than just English.
Being able to do *compile time* configuration (without having to dig into
the code to find just where and how this error screen is coded) for such an
error screen so it could at least speak the end-user's language would be
*very* useful.

Just having a central (.h) file to house conpile-time configuration would
be really useful IMO.
Another (language-dependent!) candidate for this file would be the setting
for MAX_WORD_LENGTH: some languages simply have longer words - 12
characters is hardly sufficient for English; it most certainly isn't for
languages like Dutch or German.

One of the ideas I picked from using (OK, trying to use) SWISH-E: it has
both run-time and compile-time configuration files - for just the kind of
reasons I illustrated above.

>After version 3.1.0b2, if it finds a blank entry in the form, it goes to
>the default--this particular error won't happen.
>As far as configuring error messages and screens... We could have a default
>error template that receives the message. However, unless someone wants to
>take on the project of pulling error strings out of the code, it's not
>going to happen soon.
>-Geoff Hutchison
>Williams Students Online

Marjolein Katsma
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