Re: htdig: Inserting banner ads into my header.html and footer.html files

Jerry Preeper (
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Yes, I'm pretty sure you can call a perl script from a C program, at least
I am calling another c program from htdig to display banner ads on the
pages on one of my sites. It's been a while since I had all the code
modified to put this all together, but what we did was create a variable
that you could place on the header.html file like
wherever you want the banner ad to appear - much like the other variables
that you want to appear on these pages.

Then you need to modify and Display.h , but I'm not sure what
else we might have modified right off the top of my head (like I said, it's
been a while since we put this together). In Display.h we added an int and
a char function in the Methods are that are in . These basically
execute the banner ad program and write the results to a temp file
somewhere. Then when the page is read, it simply reads the temp file data.
 This way the execution of the program allows the statistics tracking on
displays and such, and any clicking of the banners will get recorded as
they normally would.

The biggest thing was setting up the file locking as I recall and making
sure that when the next page is called with more results, it rotates the
banner there and doesn't keep calling the same temp file.

Hope this helps.


>I am using WebAdverts at to
>insert banner ads in my other pages. It is a Perl script that uses Server
>Side Includes to insert a banner into a page. It has been working very well
>for me.
>WebAdverts gives me Perl calls to include the banner add call in another
>perl script to allow CGI-generated pages to display banner ads.
>Can I call a perl script from a C++ program? Any hints on how to do this?
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