htdig: htmerge errors

Brian M. Platz (
Thu, 7 Jan 1999 12:57:38 -0800

I am attempting to set up an automated process to re-index a site via a SUID
perl script.

I htdig is working fine.. however htmerge is giving me the following errors:
htmerge: Unable to open word list file '/u/web/alista/search/db/db.wordlist'

When I run the commands that do this process manually (from the command
line), it works fine... however I cannot get it to work from the SUID
script. To ensure this was not a permissions problem I even 666'ed the whole
db directory and still the same error.

Here is what I call in the perl script:
## regenerate the search index
open FOO, "|/u/web/alista/search/bin/htdig -i -s" or
    print STDERR "Cannot run /u/web/alista/search/bin/htdig -i -s: $!\n";
close FOO;
open FOO, "|/u/web/alista/search/bin/htmerge -s" or
    print STDERR "Cannot run /u/web/alista/search/bin/htmerge -s: $!\n";
close FOO;
open FOO, "|/u/web/alista/search/bin/htnotify" or
    print STDERR "Cannot run /u/web/alista/search/bin/htnotify: $!\n";
close FOO;

# Do they exist?
if (! -e '/u/web/alista/search/common/word2root.db') {
    open FOO, "|/u/web/alista/search/bin/htfuzzy endings" or
        print STDERR "Cannot run /u/web/alista/search/bin/htfuzzy endings:
    close FOO;

if (! -e '/u/web/alista/search/common/synonyms.db') {
    open FOO, "|/u/web/alista/search/bin/htfuzzy synonyms" or
        print STDERR "Cannot run /u/web/alista/search/bin/htfuzzy synonyms:
    close FOO;

Anyone have any ideas why this is happening?


-Brian M. Platz

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