htdig: Compiling 3.1.04b on Solaris 2.4

Anthony Peacock (
Tue, 5 Jan 1999 18:47:43 -0000


I have today been trying to compile htdig v3.1.0b4 under Solaris 2.4 and have
experienced the following problem.

system: Sparc 20, Solaris 2.4, egcs 1.0.3


includes the file <strings.h>

this doesn't exist in the usual paths under Solaris 2.4, therefore causing
compile errors. It does exist in the /usr/ucbinclude directory, but including
this amongst the includes causes other compile errors.

Commenting out this #include line allows the compile to complete without

The ChangeLog file mentions that this include file is to solve a problem under
AIX, could the inclusion be made conditional on the OS?

Fare Thee Well
Anthony Peacock
CHIME, UCL Medical School
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