htdig: Problem with Greek chars

Iosif Fettich (
Fri, 1 Jan 1999 15:34:30 +0200 (EET)

> I 've installed htdig on my site and it works great. Robust performance
> and easy installable. Unfortunately my site contains greek characters
> (95%) and I installed htdig so as to search mainly greek documents.English
> word search works fine.
> Htdig takes greek as arguments but doesn't search them. It replies:
> this (word in greek characters) can't be found :( What should I change ?
> The greek encoding is ISO 8859-7. Please tell me what in simple steps to

Look through the archives of this mailing list, the problem comes up
every time in a while again. If your OS supports ISO 8859-7 as locale,
you probably will have only to set the locale to your ISO-thing in htdig's
config file.

If not, search for "asciify" in the mailing list for a work-around.

Hope this helps - let me know.

Iosif Fettich

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