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All right, I'm just about finished. Here are some ways *you* can help!

* Feedback: Keep it coming! The more questions and ideas that pop up on
this list, the better. It's exciting to see so many people.

* Bugs: If you'd like to submit a bug report to this list, PLEASE send it
to the bug database at too. This way it won't get
lost in the rest of the mail.

* Old bugs: On that subject, if you found a bug with previous versions and
you can reproduce it in 3.1.0b4, PLEASE repost (esp. to the bug database)
so it will get fixed in the next release!

* Features: As with bug reports, if you have a suggestion, send it to the
database too. There are folders for feature requests, and those that are
on file are more likely to appear! Once again,

* Help out: We're all users who have volunteered to do things. You can
help out in many ways, not just work on the code. We need scripts, word
lists, translations, graphics, documentation, etc.! An introductory
ht://Dig HOWTO would be great. (As someone mentioned "ht://Dig for Dummies.")

* Spread the word: While ht://Dig isn't perfect for everyone, I'm sure
there are lots of people who would find that it meets their needs very

-Geoff Hutchison
Williams Students Online

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