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At 11:46 1998-12-29 -0500, you wrote:
>> Any idea what I should be looking for? Viewing the .core file seems it
>> indicate it is picking up teh correct configuration and finding the
>The best thing to do with core files from *any* program is the following:
>gdb program core
>... [Ed: Output omitted]
>(gdb) bt
>[Backtrace of program]

Thanks, that did it (and I learned something new!).

It turned out I had forgotten to upload the (not-yet-customized) output
templates as mentioned in template_map. Would have expected some kind of
normal error message though...

>A backtrace of the core file usually gives the offending call as well as
>the sequence of procedures to get to the current problem. You can also run
>programs under gdb, which will provide even more information, such as the
>line of the program that caused the coredump, the status of variables,

relevant output:

(gdb) bt
#0 mystrcasestr (s=0x0, pattern=0x10dd "excerpt") at
#1 0x1230 in Display::Display (this=0xefbfc8fc,
"/usr/home/javawoma/usr/local/htdig/db/jw/", docFile=0x73d00
#2 0x4f47 in main (ac=3, av=0xefbfdae4) at

Maybe the error handling in this section of (lines 135-152) is
not quite watertight?

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>Williams Students Online

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