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Marjolein Katsma (
Tue, 29 Dec 1998 10:33:21 +0100

Hello all,

Just an introduction - you'll see more of me. (Maybe more than you like but
I hope not.)

I'm running two sites (in my own time - I have a day-time job that pays the
1) Marjolein's Help for HomeSite Users (AKA HomeSite Help) - lots of
information for users of Allaire's HomeSite and ColdFusion Studio, mostly
oriented at "power users" of either of these programs; a few sections are
of more general interest to webmasters of all levels, such as the section
about validation and a bookstore (in association with
2) Java Woman - a resource site about Java, with the theme: "what do you
find where?". Loads of links, all clearly categorized.

While the first site is alive and well, the second actually still lives on
an old server (the URL just redirects to it now). Moving it to the new
domain proved more work than I had anticipated. One thing that's badly
needed is a search engine... (not possible with the provider where it's
still hosted).

Here's a long story made short: I started with SWISH-E which was made
available (and recommended) by my provider. Found their version was not the
most recent, got the latest distribution, and built. No problem - until I
found some bugs. Subscribed to their mail list - and found MANY more bugs.
Set out to repair the one that were bugging me the most (hmm - well, about
20 yrs ago I did a self-study course in C); found the code was not even
standard ANSI C. Got a long way, and finally gave up: to make it work OK, I
would have had to effectively re-write the whole thing, use proper OO code,
..., just too much for a beginner at C(++) even if she has more than 20
years experience in software development.

So I found ht://Dig. Excellent documentation which practically won me over
all by itself. Support for languages other than English (on the SWISH-E
mail list questions about that are generally pointedly *ignored*; such
support is effectively non-existent in the program, too). Behaves like a
web client which means I could use it to index pages generated from a
database (another of my struggles).

Unavoidably, I ran into a couple of walls with ht://Dig, too. I just solved
the major one (well, I *think* that was the major one - see next post). It
looks VERY promising. But I *may* need some help in the future (like I did
yesterday - but I figured it out...), so that's why I'm here.

Some background: I've been in software development since the '70s. Seen
lots of programming languages, my first was ALGOL 60. By now, I'm OO
consultant (at work) but spend most of my time consulting about graphical
user interfaces. In spite of all my experience (quite a few operating
systems, too) I'm a beginner at UNIX - but learning fast. Maintaining a
virtual server with one main host ( and a virtual host
( is an adventure, sometimes costing me precious sleep, in the
end always fun and rewarding.

If I'm asking questions here, please try to take that background into
account. Be gentle. I'm a fast learner, but there are still many things to
learn, especially about UNIX and C(whatever). I may need some hand holding
at times.

Anyway, glad to be here...

Marjolein Katsma
Java Woman -
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