RE: htdig: Slashes in query string causing loops

Adam Coyne (
Tue, 22 Dec 1998 14:47:57 -0800

> htdig interprets the final slash to mean a subdirectory when the
> URL matches
> a path in local_urls, so it gets the document from the local file system.
> Otherwise, I believe it's supposed to leave the interpretation of the
> final slash up to the HTTP server. Are you using local_urls at all, and
> if so, are you sure it's set not to interfere with any paths of
> CGI scripts?
> You may want to try an htdig -vvv to see where things go awry.

I don't have local_urls set. I ran it with -vvv, and it didn't indicate that
it was trying local file access.

Adam Coyne --

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