htdig: Indexing all but localhost

Brad King (
Tue, 22 Dec 1998 12:47:34 -0500

I have 3 active web servers. 2 run Apache and the third is running
Netscape FastTrack 2.0.1. The last server is also running htdig.

After changing to frames based index page, I noticed that the main site,
on the FastTrack server, was not being indexed. I created a separate
file as a search base which included all of the links from the main
page. At that point it would index only the files that appeared in the
directories containing the named files, but none in subdirectories. The
other sites continued to index correctly.

I read through the past 4 months of the archive and have:
        Upgraded to 3.1.0b3
        Set local_urls:
        Set exclude_urls: mailto: .cgi
        Set max_head_length: 50000
        Set limit_urls_to: .wccs.

I did try several different settings for exclude and limit. . .

It seems that this must be caused either by the fact that it is running
on the local host, or by FastTrack v. Apache. Suggestions are most

Brad King
Network Manager
Whitley County Consolidated Schools
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