htdig: Problem with "~" in limit_urls_to/exclude_urls

Dirk Harms (
Fri, 18 Dec 1998 10:06:31 +0100


Following problem:
 We have several intranetservers (http://server01:80,
 http://server03:80 ...).
 One of them(e.g. http://server07:80) uses "/~usernames". But only this

 Now we want to index all sited at all servers but user homepages "/~"
 should be ignored unless on http://server07:80.
 Only http://server07:80/~usernames should be scaned otherwise every
  "/~"-page should be skipped.

 How can this be done??? Overwrites limit_urls_to the exclude_urls?
 Any hints?

Thanks for your answers.

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