htdig: [PATCH] htdig shouldn't chop URLs off at question marks

Matt Braithwaite (
17 Dec 1998 21:06:44 -0800

i use htdig to index a database by invoking a CGI repeatedly with
different arguments to retrieve different objects from the database.
imagine my surprise when i saw that the latest version had explicit
code to chop URLs off at `#' (reasonable enough) and `?'!

i can't think of any reason at all for this (nor could i find one in
the changelog). if i have a link to a CGI using particular arguments,
i certainly don't want to index the output of the CGI when called with
*no* arguments!

attached is a patch to remove this, which works for me, against

changelog entry:

1998-12-17 Matt Braithwaite <>

        * htdig/ (HTML::do_tag): Don't chop URLs at `?', only

Matt Braithwaite

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