htdig: Some newbie questions

Rainer Obermeit GmbH (
Thu, 17 Dec 1998 16:13:05 +0100

Hello folks,

I'm really new in using ht://Dig and I have two little questions, which I
cant' resolve by searching the existing mailing-lists or the

1. Is it possible to show a matching file, which is part of an frameset, in
between this frameset. When the file is in the matching list, the refering
link shows only the file itself. Is there any configurable parameter or
something like that ?

2. I'm a little confused about using the htfuzzy-programm and the related
search-algorithms. I try to use a german dictionary to create an
word2root.db and a root2word.db .
First I'm using the german *aff-File and dictionary from
The result is, that the above databases get very very big and the
htfuzzy-process semms to get a zombie-process.
Can anybody give me some hints for the right use and a description how it
must work ?

Many thanks and greetings from Hamburg

i.A. Juergen Kaatz
Planungs- und
Datentechnik GmbH
Betreuter Server des Bundesverbandes des Deutschen Exporthandels

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