htdig: Pages get indexed, but no results: BUG?

Andriu Isenring Ritsch (
Wed, 16 Dec 1998 19:11:02 +0100

I've noticed, that the links to the pages that don't seem to get indexed
all start on one page called products.htm

Now there is the problem that the page that links to products.htm has
two links, one to products.htm and one to PRODUCTS.HTM.

Because it's a Unix server and the page name is really products.htm,
PRODUCTS.HTM gives a page not found error.

Is it now possible, that htdig removes all pages indexed starting form
products.htm, because PRODUCTS.HTM was not found?

It seems to me like that...

What workaround is there? Unfortunately most of the site is linked from



When running htdig -isv I can see all pages that get indexed.

Now I take some words from a page that I have seen has been indexed.
These words are unique to that page.

When I search for these words, no results are displayed, that means,
htsearch can not find a page with these words, although the page was

(Yes, I did run htmerge, and max_head_length is 50'000, and the words im
looking fore are within these 50'000)

What could be the problem?

It affects only some pages (especially on one site it affects most of
the pages), and with others there is no problem...

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