Re: htdig: CORE file when using htsearch

Gilles Detillieux (
Tue, 15 Dec 1998 11:14:02 -0600 (CST)

According to Geoff Hutchison:
> At 7:39 AM -0500 12/15/98, Mike Dagan wrote:
> >I am using the latest htdig on a linux machine. Every few minutes
> >i find a core file in the cgi-bin directory.
> >I used the "strings core" command to see if i can get any hints.
> >Does it makes any sence to anyone?
> There are lots of lines like this:
> ILLEGAL PAGE TYPE: page: %lu type: %lu
> So I'd guess that your databases are corrupt. I'm sure you didn't want to
> hear that, but if it happens "every few minutes," it's probably something
> that affects most of your searches.

I think those "ILLEGAL PAGE TYPE" lines are just the error messages in
the db code's data segment, and don't necessarily reflect what was going
on at the time of the core dump. However, a corrupt DB could certainly
be the cause of all sorts of wackiness in htsearch. I've run htsearch
(various versions) on a few versions of linux without any core dumps
(other than when I test some of my modifications), but I always rebuild
my DBs from scratch (htdig -i), which I can afford to do as I have a
small document set.

Getting the strings from the core dump is useful for identifying which
program crashed, and for seeing the environment variables it had. To
find out what the program was doing at the time of the crash, try:

cd /usr/local/etc/httpd/cgi-bin
gdb htsearch core

This will give you a stack backtrace, and tell you which function was
being run when it died, as well as the signal that killed it (most likely
a segmentation fault).

> You can also run htsearch under gdb:
> gdb htsearch
> ...
> (gdb) run
> Enter words: ...

That's a good test too, especially if the search string used at the time,
"boiler maintance" [sic], with method=or, causes a consistent failure.

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