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Geoff Hutchison (
Tue, 15 Dec 1998 12:02:48 -0500

I'm happy to announce the release of ht://Dig 3.1.0b3. This release is the
culmination of a lot of work by many people.

   Release notes for htdig-3.1.0b3 15 Dec 1998
   This version adds only a few features and a significant number of bug
   fixes. This version has been pretty thoroughly tested. Though there
   are a few remaining issues, it is hoped that this will be near the end
   of the beta releases before version 3.1.0. Note that it's recommended
   to update your databases to eliminate the possibility of subtle
   changes in the database format.
     * Fixed a bug which would ignore the proxy settings, introduced in
       version 3.1.0b2.
     * Fixed a bug where words would remain from deleted documents.
     * Fixed a bug where SGML < was considered part of a tag in the HTML
       parser, introduced in verison 3.1.0b2.
     * Fixed a bug where empty boolean searches would dump core.
     * Fixed a bug where boolean "and," "or," and "not" would be removed
       from a search string, causing a sytnax error.
     * Fixed a bug which wouldn't keep track of the hopcounts correctly.
     * Added support for META refresh tags, contributed by Aidas Kasparas
     * Added support for using CGI environment variables in the search
       templates, contributed by Gilles Detillieux.
     * Improved memory requirements slightly through fixing a memory leak
       in htdig and a general system-wide adjustment.
     * Improved support for multiple exclude and restrict items through
       htsearch, contributed by William Rhee and Gilles.
     * Improved support to compile under CygWinB20, contributed by Klaus
     * Upgraded to the latest version (2.5.9) of the Berkeley DB
     * Added a new option server_wait_time to give a delay between
       connections to a server. Currently this can also affect local
       filesystem digging if set.
     * Added a new option server_max_docs to limit the number of
       documents pulled down from a server in one dig.
     * Added a new option http_proxy_exclude to ignore the proxy
       setting on certain URLs.
     * Added a new option no_excerpt_show_topto show the top of a
       document when there is no excerpt.
     * Added new options date_factor, backlink_factor, and
       description_factor to improve search rankings. Respectively,
       they can give higher rankings to more recent documents, documents
       with a high number of links pointing to them, and documents with
       relevant URL descriptions pointing to them. See the documentation
       for more information.
     * Added a set of contributed scripts called multidig to help work
       with multiple sets of URLs and databases.
     * Fixed many compilation problems under AIX, thanks to Alexander
     * Many other bugs were fixed, so a big thanks to everyone who
       submitted a bug report, patch or gave other feedback! See the
       ChangeLog for more details.

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