Re: htdig: virtual hosts revisited

John Grohol PsyD (
Tue, 15 Dec 1998 08:00:42 -0500

Geoff Hutchison writes:
> > We have lots of links on our website and it's annoying to see duplicates in
> > search results. But the problem with duplicate detection is deciding which
> > duplicate to use! My current thought is to use the document with the lower
> > hopcount.

Walter Hafner replied:
>As I wrote in another Mail: Why not use the lower hopcount, _unless_ the
>name is explicitely stated in the server_aliases ?

How about a file_aliases option? For instance, on our server,
the index.html file is nearly always a symbolic link to the
actual file, which is named something different. If I could
put "index.html" into a file_aliases option, I would solve a
great deal of my duplicate results.


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