RE: htdig: StringMatch bug?

Majeau, Benoit (
Fri, 11 Dec 1998 10:15:04 -0500


> * Geoff, I modified the Retriever::IsValidUrl() so that when
an URL
>is actually invalid, it prints out the reason. Could that be
implemented in
>the new version since it's taking just a few minutes to add? It is
>useful when you want to have a good follow (...when debugging) of

        Fair enough--send me a patch!

Oh, ok then :-). Nothing fancy in it, just error messages...


>... on 1 single line.

        It doesn't need to be on a single line, but that's irrelevant.

Prove it! :-) If I use pico, the wrapping method will insert a new line and
by the same time, I will lose the rest of my string (...the rest of my
exclude expressions). You can use pico to write your exclude_urls on 1 line
(when the $ appears) but sometimes pico also screws everything up. That's
why I'm using Nedit now, so easy to work with. I know you told me that you
were using Emacs and it wasn't inserting a new line character. That's good,
but the result is the same: the exclude_urls is written on 1 line.

Hmm, unless you know some "special" characters that enables you to do
otherwise. if it's not the case, than you have a better version than I do


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