htdig: bug report (files attached)

Marek Sobol (
Fri, 11 Dec 1998 12:31:04 +0100


I think I found another bug in htdig. Htdig probably has troubles parsing
HTML containing &gt and &lt.
You have several files attached below (packed in file)

1. htdig.conf - my configuration file
2. ch25.html - a document which causes problem
3. htsearch.htm - the problem itself - look at first entry in this file
(veeeeeeeeeeeery long description). It is a htsearch result.

I noticed also another problem which is probably caused by the same bug.
File iisdir.html contains a directory listing generated by Microsoft IIS 4.0
HTP server (piece of shit, but many people use it). Htdig cannot dig
directory structure starting from this file. It is *probably* caused by


Htdig may thnk it is a tag <dir> or something like that.

I hope it will help you.
Unfortunately I had no time so far to take a look in htdig source code
(installed htdig 3 days ago :-)

Marek Sobol

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