htdig: how to debug

Marcus J. Ertl (
Fri, 11 Dec 1998 00:41:54 +0100

  I'm new to Linux and programming under Unix! So this may be a silly
question: after checking all settings an pathes, after recompiling
htsearch and reuploading it, it still doesn't work for me! On my
home-PC it works great, but on the server it runs without errormessage,
but shows no result! It only tells me, that it has nothing found! :o(
in $(words) I can see still the searchstring but $(logical_words) stays
empty! How can I trace the error? I have no Idea how I can locate it!

By the time: what is the right mode for uploading the db-files? I used
bin and ascii, but none of them make htsearch working!

Please help me! (tests can be made unter:

Thank you very much!

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