htdig: Configuration with HP

Defranould (
Thu, 10 Dec 1998 10:49:29 +0100


We have a problem while trying to configure htdig for an HP machine.
Characteristics of the machine : HP9000 D320; HP-UX 10.20.

Here are the librairies we downloaded :
- gcc-2_8_1_tar.gz,
- libg++-2_8_0_tar.gz,
- libg++-2_8_0-2_8_1_diff.gz,
- libstdc++-2_8_0_tar.gz.

Here is what happen while running ./configure :
checking how to run the C++ preprocessor... gcc -E
checking for fcntl.h... yes
checking for limits.h... yes
checking for malloc.h... yes
checking for sys/file.h... yes
checking for sys/ioctl.h... yes
checking for sys/time.h... yes
checking for unistd.h... yes
checking for fstream.h... no
configure: error: To compile ht://Dig, you will need a C++ library. Try
installing libg++.

We don't know what happen has fstream.h is present, not empty, I mean
fstream.h seems ok, in /usr/local/include/g++

So please help HP pros !
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