htdig: Prefix Matching?
Tue, 8 Dec 1998 11:07:27 -0800

I have been reading the recent messages about prefix searching and it looks
like it could be very useful I so I tried it on our site but I have been
unable to make it work. I am using htdig 3.1.0b2 on a Solaris 2.6 Sparc

After reading through the mail archives I have added and/or changed the
following lines in our configuration file:

     search_algorithm: exact:1 prefix:1 endings:0.8
     prefix_match_character: "*"
     max_prefix_matches: 100
     minimum_prefix_length: 3

I tried running 'htfuzzy prefix' in case that was needed to prepare a
special prefix-endings database but it returned "htfuzzy: 'prefix' is not a
supported algorithm" so I guess I don't need to do that.

When I search for document I get 838 matches for "document or documented or
documenting or
documenter or documents or documenters".

If I search for doc I get 17 matches for "doc".

If I search for doc* or docu* or documen* I get no matches at all.

Am I missing something obvious?

Many thanks,

Paul Lucas
Frost & Sullivan

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