htdig: French Characters again !

Defranould (
Tue, 08 Dec 1998 13:49:42 +0100

I still have problems with french such as é, â, û, è...

I explain :
When a word (ie : décret) is into META-description or META-keywords, it
is OK htdig indexes well. But when this "décret" is not into META-TAG
but is in the plain text (in the page !) htdig indexes wrongly. I've got
the impression it only indexes "d" and "cret" or something like that
because when I search for "décret" or "decret" I've got 210 matches and
when I only search for "cret" I have 772 matches and all of these 772
matches are "cret" in the word "decret" !
I already put locale: fr_FR.ISO_8859-1 in htdig.conf but that didn't
change this point.
Please help !!!!!
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