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Andrew Scherpbier (
Fri, 04 Dec 1998 11:03:52 -0800

Alan Frostick wrote:
> Hi Andrew!
> I recently asked if they were considering releasing a binary
> version of htsearch.exe for Windows 95, for use under localhost mode
> with Apache on my development PC at home. I run a website which uses
> htsearch on the server, and it works very well. My problem was to run an
> offline version for searching a development website offline.
> Geoff Hutchison suggested I try out the experimental binary under
> and let him know whether I succeeded or not.
> Having downloaded the 1.7 Mb file (which I presume originates from
> you) I attempted to install this under Apache's cgi-bin.
> When running a search the htsearch.exe reports it is unable to
> start a child process because of a required library file: namely
> This is not supplied within the gzip file, and since you are quoted as
> its author I thought I'd ask you for advice before getting back to Geoff.
> I read in the README file that it is intended for NT4, but maybe Win95 too?
> Best regards
> Alan

I am the origianl author of ht://Dig, not of the win32 port of ht://Dig.
However, I think I can help you here... You need to get and install the
cygwin package from It was used to create the win32
port and any programs created with it require the DLL that your copy complains

I hope that helps.

Andrew Scherpbier <>
Contigo Software <>
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