htdig: htsearch wants gdbm but db files created

Peter H. Lemieux (
Fri, 04 Dec 1998 11:58:11 -0500

I've built 3.1.0b2 on a Redhat Linux 4.2 box with a 2.0.34 custom kernel.
Everything compiled successfully with "make" and "make install". I then ran
rundig -v and pointed it at a small website. Everything seems to go fine, and
the databases are created in .db format in /usr/local/htdig/db, the directory
specified in CONFIG. However when I try to search I get the following from

Unable to read word database file '/usr/local/htdig/db/db.words.gdbm'

The htsearch that's in the cgi-bin directory is the one created by the

Why is it looking for files in the old gdbm format?

PS: Is there any other documentation for htdig other than what's at Like maybe a HOWTO for newbies like me?


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