Re: htdig: Stoping the dig

Andrew Scherpbier (
Fri, 04 Dec 1998 08:09:10 -0800

Vinicius Paulo de Seixas Filho wrote:
> Hi,
> I have basically two questions:
> 1 - What happens if I abort the digging in the middle? I lose what have
> been done or I can just stop and then restart later?

You can't stop in the middle. htdig adds a special record at the end of its
run that contains information about the next docid. If htdig is stopped in
the middle, that record doesn't get written and bad things may happen.

> 2 - Can I start a merge while it's digging?


> I start the dig of about 450,000 documents using a P-100 with 32Meg
> of RAM. With this short amount of memory, my machine started to swap
> like crazy! It is using more than 100Meg of swap. It is in the dig
> process for 2 days and I think that it will be still digging for the
> next 3 or 4 days. I would like to stop the process if I don't lose what
> have been done, to start again later.
> Any sugestions?

Other than getting more RAM and a faster CPU? :-)

You didn't mention what version of ht://Dig you are using. I would suggest a
version after 3.0.8b2

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