htdig: htdig problem II

Mak Ludewig (
Thu, 03 Dec 1998 17:24:48 +0100

Hallo again,

I edited the "rundig" script once more, so that I did get these results
after running the scripts:

>bash-2.01$ rundig
>htdig: Run complete
>htdig: 1 server seen:
>htdig: 87 documents
>htmerge: Total word count: 3996
>htmerge: Total documents: 51
>htmerge: Total doc db size (in K): 1474

This looks much better than the first try :-)

But, I've got still one problem when doing a search via the
html-search-file generated by ht://dig.
After typing in a word and clicking on submit, I get following
error-message from the server:

"your browser send a query that this server cannot understand".

What could be a possible reason for this error - and what should I do to
fix this?

Thanks a lot for helping a beginner.

kind regards,

Maik Ludewig

Maik Ludewig       P.O.Box 777777      Praxisstudent
Dept. FV/SLM       D-31132 Hildesheim  fax    +49-5121-49-3190
Robert Bosch GmbH  Germany   
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