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Geoff Hutchison (
Wed, 2 Dec 1998 22:42:31 -0500

At 9:52 PM -0500 12/2/98, Paul Wolstenholme wrote:

>Is this still the best way or is there another method I should consider.
>(It would be great if I could have separate dbs for author and title):

For now, this is the best way. And you can have separate dbs for author and
title, see below.

>... you could setup two databases. One will be a normal one while the
>second one is greated with a config file that has the following:
>keyword_factor: 10
>text_factor: 0
>title_factor: 0
>heading_factor_1: 0
>heading_factor_2: 0
>heading_factor_3: 0
>heading_factor_4: 0
>heading_factor_5: 0
>heading_factor_6: 0

Right. So make two copies of this for author and title. For the author one,

keywords_meta_tag_names: author

And for title:
keywords_meta_tag_names: title


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