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Geoff Hutchison (
Wed, 2 Dec 1998 21:35:32 -0500

At 2:42 AM -0500 11/25/98, igorbusi wrote:
> -------------------------------Hi!-----------------------------------
>My name is Igor.I want to ask you about "searching mashing" that searching
>withing my site, withing my database.Database is the store the literature
>and music.
>Therefore I want a Push-Button on search were opening a "author", "title",
>"song", "singer"-to do a searche for its.And too problem that I want on
>two languages
>Russian and duplicate on the English(a russian wolds by english
>letters).What for you
>mind morest matching for me from you site and dont so expensive?
>Thank you.
>P.S.And please posibilities to enter a new data from me ,and isnt so
>difficult HTML.
>If you havnt two language then English only

I guess I'm not quite sure what you're asking. At the moment, it's
difficult to do searches on "author," "title," "topic" or whatever.
Ht://Dig is really designed as a general-purpose search engine, so it
indexes the text of the pages. Personally, I find it does a good job on
turning up titles, authors, etc. from the pages themselves.

As far as cost, ht://Dig is free software, shipped under the GNU public
license. This means that it's released at no cost and that the source code
is publically available.

As far as languages, there is support for indexing languages other than
English. I'm not the best person to talk to, though. :-(

I hope I've answered your questions.

-Geoff Hutchison
Williams Students Online

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