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Pardon, if I'm intruding again upon your day, but I am unsure as to
whether this message reached the list.

I've got a compilation problem that I hope someone can help with. I'm
attempting to compile 3.1.0b2 under AIX 4.2 using IBM's C/C++ compiler.
I have successfully compiled 3.0.8b2 using the same tools.

Anyway the compilation ends with the following:
"", line 406.11: 1540-013: (S) "bzero" is undefined.

The section of code in that is being complained about

int Connection::read_partial(char *buffer, int maxlength)
[...some code deleted...]
      if (timeout_value > 0) {
          fd_set fds;
--> FD_ZERO(&fds);
          FD_SET(sock, &fds);

          timeval tv;
          tv.tv_sec = timeout_value;
          tv.tv_usec = 0;

          int selected = ::select(sock+1, &fds, 0, 0, &tv);
          if (selected <= 0)

FD_ZERO looks like a macro or a function of some sort to me, but I can
not find a reference to it anywhere, same with FD_SET. Can anyone point
me to where these are defined?

Scott Parish                           The Truth is out there.                               John 14:6

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