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> Subject: RE: htdig: HTDIG on a Win32 Box
> > I'll answer self. It's working on a WinNT4 server. After a
> small set of
> > changes I got the whole package running. How can I
> contribute the changes?
> Fantastic! I'm sure there are many people who would
> appreciate it if you'd
> be willing to contribute binaries for WinNT4.

That's no problem. Where can I place the binaries? Can I send it to you and
you place it on a public place?

> > Changes:
> > 1. add an Line "#include <getopt.h>" to all executable files.
> > 2. Replace the db package by a new version and made some
> changes there
> > (reported to the author of libdb)
> The easiest way to contribute the changes are to send me a
> patch for #1
> and I'll add it to the CVS tree. I already grabbed the
> version of db you
> mentioned and if you have changes for these, I can take them
> if they've
> been reported to Sleepycat as you mention.

It's my first diff run. I hope you see the changes.

diff -ranH htdig-3.1.0b2/htdig/ htdig-3.1.0b2win32/htdig/
a4 1
#include <getopt.h>
diff -ranH htdig-3.1.0b2/htfuzzy/
a47 1
#include <getopt.h>
diff -ranH htdig-3.1.0b2/htmerge/
d27 1
a27 1
#include <getopt.h>
diff -ranH htdig-3.1.0b2/htnotify/
a52 1
#include <getopt.h>
diff -ranH htdig-3.1.0b2/htsearch/
a62 1
#include <getopt.h>

> > Installation:
> > The installation works with a "install" program wrapper
> script provided by
> > the Cygwin community.
> If this is a GPL script, I can provide it. I would probably put it in
> under contrib/. (If it doesn't include a copyright or an
> author, please
> send information on those.)

I add it here because of no copyright message:
#! /bin/sh
# file: install
# author: earnie email:
# Install Preprocessor for the gnu-win32 "make install" command.
# To use:
# - locate the original install.exe (should be somewhere
# in <cygnuspath>\bin\)
# - rename it to cyg_install.exe, i.e
# mv install.exe cyg_install.exe
# - copy this file to <cygnuspath>/bin/install
# Note:
# No warranty implicit or explicit is given.
# You may copy, distribute and use as you see fit.
# changed: M.Hirmke email:
# changed ginstall to cyg_install, because some packages are looking
# for ginstall
# changed: Dr David Coe email:
# "I seem to remember earnie's script gave trouble (in X11 or lesstif
# make install) when both <exec.exe> and <exec> are present
# simultaneously). The attached helped."
# changed: Dr Pierre A. Humblet email:
# Modify logic to work when several files are installed in a
# directory, some with the .exe extension and others without.

while test $# -gt 1;
  if test -e $1.exe;
  tstr="${tstr}${1}${suffix} "
if test -d $1

eval "cyg_install.exe $tstr";

> -Geoff Hutchison

Aske me please if you or anyone else need more information.

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