Re: htdig: not following links...
Thu, 26 Nov 1998 11:50:16 +1030 (CST)

On 25 Nov, david bernick wrote:
> I have a site ( that is going to be
> indexed
> through HTDIG. i've used the product before to much success. anyhow,
> when i
> try to index THIS site, it finds a single page (the welcome page) and
> indexes only that. it doesn't follow any links down. some of the links
> are
> through javascript, so i understand that those aren't being picked up.
> to
> rectify that, i placed anchors with no descriptions in the body.
> <A HREF="contact_ww/welcome.htm"></A>
> <A HREF="showroom/welcome.htm"></A>
> <A HREF="product/welcome.htm"></A>
> <A HREF="about_ww/welcome.htm"></A>
> still, nothing is being followed...what should i do?
> thanks in advance...
> dave

I've found that pointing start_url at an address like gives that sort of problem. Try (if you
aren't already) using a start_url of and limit_urls_to set
to or similar.

BTW the News Java applet on your home page tends to lose characters off
the right end on my browser (Navigator 4.5 under Linux). Don't ask
about my fonts - I've had great fun getting them to display readable
stuff for script-defined fonts ;-(


David Robley

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