Re: htdig: Character entities...

Mathieu Bezkorowajny (
Wed, 25 Nov 1998 20:48:14 +0000

Palle Girgensohn wrote:
> Hmm. I search for Swedish contetn. Also has "strange" characters ;-)
> I set locale: sv_SE.ISO_8859-1
> it htdig.conf. You might use fr_FR.ISO_8859-1 instead.
> That's it. Then I can search for créer and all is well.
> The locale bit must only be set if neither server nor file indicates the
> character set (I think).
> Hope this helps.
> /Palle

You bet!!

Everything seems to work now except some strange remains of character
entities in the database but much of everything is now encoded in ISO.

Thank you very much, that was very helpfull.

Now for the remains : à

        It doesn't bother if there is still a couple of those in my 6000 other
correct entries, just mentionning it for the devellopers

Thanks again.

Long live free software!
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