htdig: not following links...

david bernick (
Wed, 25 Nov 1998 11:14:55 -0500

I have a site ( that is going to be
through HTDIG. i've used the product before to much success. anyhow,
when i
try to index THIS site, it finds a single page (the welcome page) and
indexes only that. it doesn't follow any links down. some of the links
through javascript, so i understand that those aren't being picked up.
rectify that, i placed anchors with no descriptions in the body.

<A HREF="contact_ww/welcome.htm"></A>
<A HREF="showroom/welcome.htm"></A>
<A HREF="product/welcome.htm"></A>
<A HREF="about_ww/welcome.htm"></A>

still, nothing is being followed...what should i do?

thanks in advance...


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