htdig: htmerge question
Tue, 24 Nov 1998 22:53:30 -0800


Another problem, which might be "as designed" thing...

I have created a database by indexing one site. Now I want to add to this
database another site so I created a temporary config file in which the
only thing I changed was the start_url: (made it point to the new site) and
I started 'htdig -a -c newconfig'.

Everything worked OK and new db.*.work files were created. The problem is
that htmerge would not add the new info to the database no matter how I run
it. I tried using the temporary config file and the original config file. I
tried with and without -a option - nothing helps. It would appear that the
only option is to dig both sites at the same time, although this does not
make much sense to me ...

I must be missing something but what? Help, please!


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