htdig: Quick and ugly patch for SSI support
Tue, 24 Nov 1998 15:23:24 -0800


As I was trying to add some rotating banners to the htsearch output and
because Apache does not parse CGI scripts' output for SSI tags I had to
make some changes to htsearch so that it would run the SSI scripts instead.

Before I did that I checked in the mailing list archives and although I did
not find solution to the problem I discovered that other people were trying
to do deal with the same problem.

The code is real ugly but does the job if one is careful. I am posting it
here in case anyone would want to give it a try and hope that it would not
end up in the official release of htdig the way it is :-)))

(To make use of it simply replace Display::displayParsedFile() in with the code below)


Display::displayParsedFile(char *filename)
    FILE *fl = fopen(filename, "r");
    char buffer[1000];
    char *chp;
    char c_cmd[1000];

    while (fl && fgets(buffer, sizeof(buffer), fl))
        // 11/23/98: Jivko patches the code to kind of support SSI
        if(memcmp(buffer,"<!--#exec cgi=",14)==0)
          chp=strchr(buffer+14,' '); // find the end of the script's name
    if (fl)

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