Re: htdig: iso characters?

Iosif Fettich (
Tue, 24 Nov 1998 16:34:17 +0200 (EET)

> Will it it work if we don't use html entities for non-ascii, but use
> real charsacters instead (i.e. used instead och ä)?
> If this is not implemeted, please could someone point me to where in the
> code such a conversion would fit? I might just write it myself ;)

Non-ASCII is a headache for itself, as you sure know already... I can send
you a quick-and-ugly patch that should be on his way to a better shape in
the not-so-far future. Till then, here is what I have working at our

- HTML-texts are in Romanian (change it as you wish) so we have lots of
non_ASCII chars in it (most of them as real chars and an appropiate
"charset=iso-8859-2" META-option

- before indexing, non_ASCII chars are mapped to real ASCII text (both
from real chars as from html entities)

- the same mapping occurs in search phrases

Only inconvenient so far: users get also pages they actually don't wish
(all chars with accent 'suddenly' forget about that wghen searched.

Let me know if interested.

Iosif Fettich

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